Types of Sports Bets

April 7, 2009


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Sports betting is a popular form of betting that offers quick returns on your investment along with risk. Accepted legally in many nations around the world, it requires immense depth of knowledge and good game handicapping skills to be a successful sports gambler. Sports betting is considered great fun as it offers the investor the thrill related to making incredible money on exciting matches, teams and individual sportspersons. Depending on the different kinds of games, sports betting can be of several types. According to their categories, one can choose to bet on any kind of sports they want. These bets can be classified as:

Straight Bet – Straight bets are the kind of bets where a person chooses to put a stake on their favorite team to win in a single event. Betting is based on point spreads where the favorite spots are represented by the minus sign (-) and the underdog points are represented by a plus sign (+).

Future Bets – These are money line bets where the odds on the result of the match are provided much ahead of the real outcome. The future odds are decided at the point of the bet and adjusted throughout the betting session.

Money Lines – This kind of bet is a bit similar to the straight bet. Here the odds are expressed in terms of per $100. This type of game is not based on point spreads rather the result is determined on the basis of money value fixed on the different teams.

Parlays — It is an interesting way of betting where one has to win a series of bets. It provides higher payoffs and lesser hassle as compared to placing individual bets. Also called accumulators, parlays can pay out thousands for very minimal stakes due to their long odds.

Totals – Totals is a type of betting where a person bets on the combined score of both the teams in respect to the total set be the odds maker.

Teasers – Also called as two team teaser, it is a multi team gambling that offers a person the opportunity to combine his bets on two different games with the points spread in their favor.

Exotics or Propositions – These are additional bets placed on specific occurrences or durations within games, such as, predicting halftime scores, injuries or red cards, score by an individual player, number of goals, etc.

Each Way Bets — Each way bet consists of two bets that are placed separately on the same runner as a win bet and a place bet. The win bet is meant to be placed for a straightaway win and the place bet predicts his stake on the position he acquires in the event which is generally first three or first five for most of the games.

Tricast – Under Tricast a bettor is supposed to predict the first three winners of any sports event on which he has placed the bet. The bookmaker provides the bettor with odds for the competitor.

Betting Without – Betting Without is the kind of bet placed for the sports where there is a clear favorite team or a player who has been a strong contender for winning. This kind of betting discourages other bettors to place a bet on their favorites and enhances the chances to win.

Apart from these, there are several more kinds of betting that are quite popular with the bettors. Some of these are cross doubles, trebles and accumulators, double bets, spread bets, etc. Theultimategambler.com is a comprehensive online gambling resource that provides you with all the information you need to be a champion. Here you get to know all about the games, players, teams, leagues and championships that help you handicap a game better than the line makers.

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