Dr Bates and Vision Improvement – The Natural Way

October 2, 2009


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Dr Bates championed vision improvement and devised many different techniques which he claimed improved a patient’s eyesight. He claimed that strain on the eyes to see was infinite, and he devised a method of relieving the strain to improve vision.

He particularly explained that a set approach would not work for everyone, and so Dr. Bates became a well known alternative therapist. This is still widely practiced today.

He used techniques designed to dissociate strain and then achieve central seeing; which is the central point of vision omitting staring. He claimed that all errors of refraction and disturbances of function disappear when the eyes see by central fixation; and if there were any other associated conditions they too would be relieved. He also stated that exposing the eyes to sunlight would improve vision.

Medical associates have criticized Dr. Bates methodology and have stated what negative consequences could occur if patients followed the protocol; especially if their eyes are over exposed to sunlight. They also stated that it would be negligent to not wear corrective lenses while driving and would worsen or even cause serious implications to the eyes.

One of his techniques to vision improvement was closing the eyes which would help relax them; the patient would cover their eyes with their palms applying no pressure at all to the eyeballs. The theory behind this method was to eliminate light creating total relaxation of the eyes. Although some patients stated that they have illusions of light and colour; Bates claimed these would totally disappear when the eyes were relaxed.

The Bates Association for Vision Education are qualified professionals that teach the Bates method for vision improvement. The teachers mostly work with children, but offer individual lessons to adults.

Workshops and lectures centered around perfect vision . Training is offered on an ongoing basis. Pupils are taught how to improve their eyesight without having corrective surgery; as well as teaching how to increase the chances of eliminating degenerative eye disease. Black lettering is used as well as the swing method to help correct vision.

It is debatable as to whether these eye therapy methods really work; or maybe it is mind over matter and those that claim that there is improvement could be purely from "autosuggestion". Dr. Bates and vision improvement has no solid evidence of proof that this therapy actually works. However, many individuals claim that it does.

William B.B.

*Disclaimer: Please be advised that this article is for information and entertainment purposes only. It does not intend to advise on, treat, or diagnose any health condition including, but not limited to, vision problems. If you have or think you might have a vision problem, please visit your doctor for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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