Football Betting Software – A Useful Way To Place Football Bets

June 4, 2009


Stephen Roper asked:

What sort of soccer betting software is out there? We have a few to name for you and what they can help you with. So, if you are ready to learn, we are ready to share.

The first one that comes highly recommended is the Soccer Stats Tracker. This does what it says. This software even tracks the Brazil and Argentina teams to help you to pick the best teams to place your bets on. When you purchase this software you can choose from the standard or the professional edition.

The next software that comes recommended by those who bet on football teams is the Odds Wizard. This software develops the odds for the next games that you are waiting to bet on. It keeps an updated log on the past fifty games played as well so you can go back and see for your self the statistics. But the Odds Company has a long line of software including the fixed betting edition called Odds Plus and then the computer managed handicap ratings and odds called Odds On that you should also check out. One of these could be your ticket to upping your winning streaks.

If you are looking for a really detailed football focused software program then you should check out this one. It’s called LeaguePad and holds all the graphic details of the statistics for all the soccer teams in the European league. You plug in your betting strategy and they will help to predict the odds. Now, how great is that?

Betting Genius is the last software program that we are going to tell you about. This software not only lets you track the team statistics as a whole, but it allows you to do so much more. This includes allowing you to track those players that you love to see in action. They have a whole list of prediction options. Some of those include: home and away statistics, past performance, and of course, handicaps. Now, how do you like that in a software program? Sounds like a sweet deal when you look at all it includes.

So, if betting is sometimes to confusing to you, then maybe you need a little help. We told you what we recommend now; it’s up to you to decide. It just all depends as to what you are really looking for to help you gain the knowledge of how to bet. Trust us, there are many ways just as there are many great software programs out there. So have fun finding the right one for you.

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