Indoor Soccer Ball

August 24, 2009


Since categories classify soccer balls into outdoor and indoor soccer ball varieties, then structure differences and feature variations set such items apart. The coverage is the one that actually changes with indoor soccer balls: this outer layer is in fact a felt type material very similar to the one used in the making of tennis balls. Other than this, there are no other technical peculiarities encountered with indoor soccer ball models that are not also present in outdoor balls.

The felt coverage is a necessity due to the field on which soccer is played indoors. While the bouncing features have a certain distinction on grass, the same background specificity has to be considered when it comes to playing indoors. In the absence of grass the properties of the field change. This means that the indoor soccer ball has to adhere well and be easy to use with the feet and legs.

Most companies specialized in the production of soccer gear provide indoor soccer ball models of various sizes, with latex or butyl bladders, with 32, 26 or 16 panels and extensive warranty. If you only need an indoor soccer ball to practice on your own or have fun with friends, it is not a must to purchase a brand name or a very specialized item. An indoor soccer ball even from a no-name company will work just fine and help you enjoy a nice and healthy activity.

There are three different sizes available for general soccer ball models as well: thus sizes three, four and five are widely available, with the mention that each corresponds to a group age category. Thus, children up to eight should use a size three ball, while size four is suitable the age group between 8 and 12. Size five is for anyone over 13. However, exceptions in size choice apply to indoor soccer ball use.

Size four is normally used in professional matches because of the reduced size of the fields and goals. Nevertheless, from league to league, other requirements may have to be met in terms of ball features as well. The factors that will therefore influence the choice of the ball also include control strategy and usage capacity besides size. Hence, unless for amateurish practice, choice criteria are really important!

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