Match Soccer Balls

August 24, 2009


Match soccer balls are a special variant of balls designed to be used by professional players belonging to various soccer clubs worldwide. The features of match soccer balls are meant to take the best out of the players’ natural skills and abilities on the field, ensuring a pure quality performance. The highest quality standards in the world also differentiate match soccer balls from other non-professional items; strict control, high speed and great accuracy represent the main design guidelines. Moreover, match soccer balls are created to be used on all sorts of turf surfaces whether artificial or natural, as well as in all climates.

At the end of production, match soccer balls have to go a series of testing that are necessary for approval to be used in official games. One of the largest organizations that passes certifications and imprints approval logo match soccer balls is FIFA. The structure of the ball includes at least five different layers, made of the finest materials available in the industry. Not all manufacturers can create match soccer balls since the processes are often very costly, and the finite product is equally expensive. The The production and testing parameters, the design and the materials therefore have to be the highest. Exceptional performance is what describes match soccer balls best!

Besides the high quality of the materials, there are some other features that need to get approval when it comes to the design of match soccer balls. The materials have to be suitable for the design; then, the water absorption rate, the bouncing properties and the speed have to be correct. Other closely monitored parameters are the trajectory, the shape and the balance of the ball. The official shape, size and weight are therefore the main guidelines to stick to. Although highly expensive, match soccer balls are less costly than the internationally approved items.

Match soccer balls can be used individually by whoever wishes to buy them: these items are not a prerogative of professional players, as they can suit all group ages, surfaces and background specificity. What differentiates them from the rest of the practice balls comes from the reliability of the design combined with a perfect performance range. Even for an amateur, the difference between a simple practice soccer ball and a match soccer ball will be obvious. As for the main manufacturers, nearly all the large soccer gear producers have lines of match soccer balls developed and adapted to suit the players needs.

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