Soccer Drills and Fun

October 3, 2009


Coaching youth players can be the most frustrating experience or it can be bliss. When young players misbehave chances are your soccer drills are too easy or possibly a little too advanced.

In order for your team to train and listen, the drills need to be physically demanding and keep all the players involved. The drills need to be short and performed at a pace that involves the whole group.

If you notice your team misbehaving the drills might be too easy and it’s a good indication that the players are bored. On the other hand, if the drills are too advanced, the players will surrender and start to play up. As a coach you must remember that young kids attention spans are very short and they need to be stimulated to keep them from misbehaving.

Soccer drills are a great way to combat this problem during training. Drills allow you to develop one or two aspects of the game at once. For example, simple passing drills allow the players to practice passing the ball and receiving the ball while having fun. If the drills are executed properly, the players will not even realise their training a certain aspect of the game. They will mistake it for having fun.

Watching soccer drills is also a great way to monitor your players. Analysing the drills and players performance is a great way to identify player’s strengths and weaknesses.

The most important aspect of soccer drills is teaching the players certain skills. Always demonstrate the drills with a live demonstration. If you can't demonstrate the exercise, how do you expect the kids to?

Also the training ground should be set up before the kids arrive. Training sessions must flow from one exercise to another. The last thing you want on your hands are ten young kids waiting for you with every opportunity to misbehave.

Last but not least, encourage all players while performing the drills. Cheer good movement while correcting errors with friendly advice.

Training sessions constructed around soccer drills benefit the players the most. What better way to teach your players the basics of the soccer? Incorporate fun into the drills and you never know you might unearth tomorrow’s superstar.

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