Useful German Phrases To Party With Germans

August 24, 2009


Most likely the Germans are not the first nation that comes to mind when talking about party people. The Germans have earned themselves a reputation as being serious and hard workers. I’m still trying to figure out how the Germans fooled the world into believing that they are so conscientious and industrious. The fact is that not only do the German’s have a very short working week, but they also enjoy some of the longest holidays in Europe. That’s why whenever you travel abroad it’s almost inevitable that you will meet Germans. Also now more than ever, young Germans value quality of life above the trappings of climbing the corporate ladder.

It’s true that a popular German pastime is watching their favorite football team and celebrating football victories in style with plenty of freely flowing German beer. You might be surprised to discover that the Germans have an incredibly rich variety of funny German words and phrases to talk about partying because it’s such a popular activity. One common example is the German phrase “die Sau rauslassen” which means to paint the town red but literally translates as “to let the pig out”. I think you’ll agree this expression does a good job of capturing the spirit of wild parties and the kind of chaos that spreads across the country when the German national team wins big international matches.  Other useful German phrases for when a party gets into full swing and all hell breaks loose is “die Post geht ab” or “hier ist die Hölle los”.

Although almost any excuse will do, more than anything else it’s football victories that trigger the most intense and drawn out celebrations. The German literally party until they drop or in German “Sie feiern bis zum Abwinken”. So the next time you’re on the lookout for a party holiday destination, I can highly recommend visiting Germany – especially if it’s during the football World Cup! Also be sure to learn cool German phrases before you head off to impress the locals.

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