June 29, 2009


Chris Grisham asked:

NFL betting odds and NFL lines are both one of the most profitable ways to earn a living online. It is easy to win the nfl lines, it is just first hard to understand what are all the bet types and which ones are the best. The fantasy football draft is just around the corner and if you want a winning team I suggest you also listen up here and take this article seriously.

Below are all the betting types:

The Point Spread

The most common type of NFL bet is the point spread. Point spreads are great because your team may lose, but the point spread covered them, so you actually win! Point spreads work by the nfl lines allocating points to a team where the team is a significant underdog to win. If there was no such thing has point spreads in the NFL than it would be a lopsided betting world. Point spreads aim to put the money on both sides of the bet equally, which works in sports books favors.

The Money Line

If you don’t want to predict a spread between the teams, you can just pick a winner. Money lines are great, but if you are going for a favorite team on the money line you may have to risk twice as much money just to win your target winnings goal. Let’s say you saw a line that said Chicago Bears -160, Detroit Lions +240. For mathematical purposes we are going to be betting based on the lines you see. If you wanted to take the Chicago bears on the nfl betting lines here, you would have to risk 160 dollars just to win 100! It’s a huge risk vs a small reward, but if you’re feeling confident in the team you’re risking all that money on, than there should be no problem on you losing. Now on the flip side of things, if you took the Detroit Lions and just put down 100 dollars, you would win 240 bucks based on the line! Your total profit would be 240 bucks just by risking 100 dollars. If you can find exploitable home teams, you should make a killing on the road dogs this year. Finding at least one road dog a week to upset the heavily favored home team is one of the best things you could ever do.

I have been in the professional sports handicapper business for over 5 years. I started out using my own picks winning about 55% of all my games. I was still profiting, but not enough to turn it into my full time career. I lucked out and found a sports handicapper that charges me only a small monthly fee of 50 dollars or less and has been winning consistently 82% of their games or better over the past two years. Finding a service like this will make you an instant winner overnight. Making bet football game should no longer be a issue for you anymore. I wish you the best of luck!

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