An Insight into Sports Betting Exchanges

April 27, 2009


Jamesstewart asked:

Sports betting blogs are useful for the online sports better as they provide information about the existing and newly-released sportsbook for sportsbetting and sportsbook deposits. They are also a precise source of insight into other sports betting information such as the sportsbook, that are useful to most of the sports investors, the methods of depositing funds to sports account, etc. These days, sports betting exchange are the most discussed topics of the blogs.

In the past few years the sports betting exchanges are becoming more popular among the sports bettors for their user friendliness. On betting exchanges, the bettors bet against other sports betting fans instead of betting against the book makers. Earlier, the bettors were skeptical about choosing the option as they were not sure about the liquidity. Some of the betting exchanges were even difficult for them to use. But, these days, the sports betting exchanges are having the look of sportsbook, attracting more and more bettors to wager. Furthermore, you can offer betting odds and play the role of a bookmaker. Sometimes, you may find better lines and odds than sportsbooks.

The sports betting blogs have described many advantages associated with betting exchanges.

In contrast to the common notion, there has been a great improvement in the liquidity at some of the betting exchanges. In comparison to most of the sportsbook, you can find relatively large amounts of liquidity in the betting exchanges. At times, there are small bids offered on the betting exchanges, but you may find it at good prices. It is very important that you gain maximum amount from your betting. Often, it has been noted that the liquidity and pricing of the betting exchanges improve with the approach of game time. The fees of the betting exchanges vary widely. According to the statistics, they may range up to or more than 5% on winning bets. The fees are often not included in the actual transaction. Hence, while entering into any sports betting transaction, you need to consider the fees and payment mode. The information is available on many sports betting blogs. The best advantage of sports betting exchanges is that you are not dealing with bookmaker, but against other sports bettors. In such a situation, you won’t be switched to “square” or “sharp” lines or be banned. With sports betting exchange there is no profit margin of the bookmaker, so there are possibilities of higher odds than the normal sportsbook. However, the bettors may have to pay small commission, on winning only. You can even sell you bets before the match starts to get good amount of money.

Apart from the advantages of the sports betting exchanges, there are some of the disadvantages that still deter the sports bettors to wager on the exchanges.

There are limited offers on “Totals” in less popular markets and college hoops. Even, many sports betting exchanges have curbed the “Second Half” line on some of the sports. Often there is limited liquidity for smaller games. The betting exchange may not immediately allow a new market in case the line moves suddenly. In such a situation you will have to either pay the adjusted vig or opt for a sportsbook.

For the newbie sports bettors, it is important to go through the sports betting blogs to get first hand knowledge about sports betting exchanges.

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