Dallas Cowboys 2006 NFL Draft Analysis

June 8, 2009


Jeremy Dunklin asked:

The day started off pretty good for Cowboys’ fans as the Cowboys selected Bobby Carpenter. I think he was the perfect fit for our defense. The picks seemed to go downhill after Carpenter’s selection.

The Cowboys’ put me into a state of disbelief when they selected TE Anthony Fasano. I have warmed up to this pick since then, because the guys I wanted in the 2nd Round were all still available at our 3rd pick.

Fasano is basically a blue-collar guy who outworks his opponent. He is a good receiver with great hands, but he lacks tremendous athletic ability. He has a very low bust factor, and should be able to contribute as both a receiver and blocker immediately.

The guys left over were WR Demetrius Williams, FS Ko Simpson, NT Gabe Watson, and OG Max Jean-Gilles. Then the unthinkable happened, we selected freaking DE Jason Hatcher in the 3rd Round. Come on now, I like him as a player and I think he is very underrated, but DE is the deepest position on our club. Hatcher is 6’6 285 and basically dominated his opponents at Grambling St. He has great athletic ability and could really become a great player. And he better, with the players we passed up on to get him.

I definitely wouldn’t be surprised to see us trade Ellis, because that would make the selection make more sense. The only other explanation i see for this pick is that Bill is displeased with Marcus Spears, and doesn’t think he is going to be a good player. This pick reminds me of what the Patriots did a couple of years ago. They spent three high picks on defensive ends for their 3-4 when they already had starters in place.

The only good thing I can say about our first day is that we added four picks. This sounds great on paper, but if we don’t start selecting players at positions of need, these picks won’t even get a chance to make the team because they will be behind too many guys on the depth chart.

This all shows just how unpredictable the draft can be. You think you know what your team needs, but they go in a totally different direction. Nobody could have predicted that Simpson or Watson would have fell this far. I didn’t expect to see the Bills select Donte Whitner at #8.

Another thing that surprised me is that alot of the pre-draft rumors turned out to be true. Think about Mario Williams going to Houston, Young going to the Titan, and the fact that the Raiders actually passed on Matt Leinart.

I just hope Bill knows what he is doing, but this draft is starting to remind me of the 2004 Draft were we basically missed on every pick except Jones, Crayton, and possibly Peterman. I know I don’t know as much about these players as each team does, but think how awesome our draft would look with Carpenter, Watson, and Simpson as our 1st day picks. Even though it is almost pointless, I will provide at 2nd day mock for you guys. These picks could hopefully salvage the draft. All I can say is TRUST IN BILL!

4th – FS Ko Simpson

There is obviously something about this guy teams don’t like. He is falling much like FS James Butler did last year. He was a projected 2nd-3rd round guy who went in the 7th. The funny thing is, he actually had a pretty good rookie year with the Giants. Please Bill, get either Simpson, Jean-Gilles, Watson, or D. Williams.

5th – NT Montavious Stanley

We need a backup nose tackle. This and free safety are the two remaining glaring holes.

6th – G/T Issac Sowells

We need depth along the offensive line. Parcells is obviously pretty confident in our guards though, or we would have already taken one.

6th – WR Jeremy Bloom

Bloom could give us some young depth at receiver, while contributing mainly as a punt returner.

7th – FB Matt Bernstein

After the drafting of Fasano, we are obviously eliminating a FB from our main offense. We still need a fullback FB however, and Bernstein would excel at that. The FB position has pretty much died in the NFL, it is a shame too.

7th – P Steve Weatherford

A punter, long range field goal kicker, and kick-off specialist.

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