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March 24, 2009


C. Malcolm asked:

The best things in life are free. This is not only a song, it is also a fact of life and of pick 4 gaming. However, due to commercialism and the drive to make profits, free pick 4 tips are now being upped by people that want to make a quick buck.

What I am pertaining to are the pick 4 systems that promise to deliver each and every time that they even have a 100% money back policy guarantee. These are usually seen in gaming sites and they usually have fantastic and enticing press releases that even I, someone who knows they are just babbling nonsense, get reeled in to take a peek at their super fantastic offer.

But thing is, usually, the real pick 4 tips that work either cost very low, or are free. These are the best pick 4 tips because they

• Do NOT lie and promise the moon.

• Do NOT cost an arm and a leg.

• Do NOT mislead us that pick 4 is a very easy game to get money from.

Fact is, the pick 4 is still a lottery game so the best way to fight it is to know about it as a whole.

Here are some pick 4 tips out there that are tried and tested.

• Pick 4 tips or systems that cost more than your biweekly earning is too much.

• There are cheap strategies though that can help you get a strategy fast and quick so you will no longer have to spend hours and hours on computing your own data. These are a far cry from the pick 4 tips sites that charge extremely high.

• Study the pick 4 results for the past few days, preferably the last 15 – 30 days at least. You could use this data to determine which of the numbers seem to be more favored by fates.

• Do the tried and tested 24 box way. You just think of a 4 digit number, rearrange it 24 times without repeating anything, then bet! This increases your chances by 1:416. Try to do some fake bets, just to see if your 24 box way works.

• This is a mathematical game. If you know in your hear you cannot do computations just like that, without your head exploding, then the are software available that can do your math side of the game for you. This can help you get the probability of your number popping up. But if you love to crunch numbers, all you need is MS Excel and then you are already good to go.

• To increase the number of bets you place but you have no money at all to spare yourself, then create a pool of monies from your friends, from your family members or from your colleagues at work so you guys can increase your chances of winning.

• Do not rely on sheer luck or from a séance saying that if you use these numbers you win give me $xx for that advise. I wish you the best of luck in winning the pick 4 lottery!

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