How to Get a Free Bet From Your Bookmaker

April 5, 2009


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Explaining Free Bets

This article explains how to get a Free Bet online. Free Betting Online is dedicated to bringing you free betting offers available on the net, for which we compile a directory of sites that offer free bets as part of their sign-up deals. To find out how it works, read on…

Free Bets

Most betting websites offer special deals to encourage punters to bet online instead of using traditional outlets like High Street bookmakers. These deals can involve periodic promotions, or, as is more common, offering the punter free bets when he or she signs up for an account.

What is a Free Bet?

Well, to state the obvious, a free bet is nothing other than a bet (or bets) you get for free!

More specifically, in the context of online gambling, a free bet is a complimentary sum of money given to you by an online bookmaker as a sign-up incentive or reward for customer loyalty. This sum is to be used for the sole purpose of betting on their site; you can”t immediately withdraw it or convert it into hard cash. Unless, that is, you win with it, at which point you can claim your winnings as you would with any other online bet.

What can I use my free bet on?

This depends on the bookmaker site. In general, you can normally use your free bet money to place bets on whatever markets the bookmaker site has on offer, from horse racing and football through to cultural events. Some sites may limit your free bets to certain markets, though this is not commonly the case.

When do I get my free bet?

After you have signed up for an account with an online bookmaker. Although individual bookmakers vary in the manner in which they then award free bets (as well as in the total amount they will offer as free bet money), standard practice is to award free bets in one of the following circumstances. Some sites will offer free bets once you have simply registered your details, while others reward you with a free bet once you have placed credit in your account or have placed your first bet. In the latter case, you will have to spend some money in order to gain your complimentary bets.

A quickstart guide to obtaining free bets

To guide you through the process, let”s look at a typical way in which you gain access to a free bet:

Firstly select a bookmaker. To assist you we have compiled a list of bookmakers who offer free bets, which you can access from our home page.

Next, navigate to the bookmaker”s site.

At this stage, you will be expected to register your details/sign-up for a new account. This is free.

Once you have registered your details (this may requre verification through a valid email address), you then deposit money in your account (via credit card, debit, etc.)

In most cases, the bookmaker will expect you to make your first bet with some, or all, of the money you have deposited.

The bookmaker then undertakes to match the value of your first bet with a free bet to the same value up to a maximum value of, say, £25 or £50. So if you spend £5 on your first bet, the bookmaker will match this sum.

Your account is then credited with the above sum, which you can use to bet on any sport of your choosing for free.

Free Bets through Free Betting Online

Free Betting Online maintains a directory of sites that offer free bets. We compile a list of Internet bookmakers who offer the best free betting deals. Many of the bookmakers listed run affiliate schemes whereby we gain a small sum in return for referring new customers to them. In other words, by signing up through our site, you allow us to continue bringing you free bets online.

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