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March 31, 2009


Eric asked:

Ever found yourself in a situation wherein you are talking about the latest home run and people are giving you blank faces in reply? How about that annoying feeling while you are excitedly talking about the number of baskets you scored and your wife or girlfriend would just roll her eyes at you, and worse, just up and leave the table? For the ladies, how about when you are talking about your favorite team in WNBA and your husband just grunts and drones on and on about a lecture on how men basketball players are better than women basketball players? Well ladies and gentlemen; fret no longer, as the answer to this nightmare has come. At the Cappers Insight, you’ve found your new home!

This Is Not Your Ordinary Sports Forum

The Forum at is a virtual meeting place for people who share similar interests. Now you’ll get the chance to talk all day about sports and for once actually be understood by the people reading your post. They will not yawn at your narratives or scold you for being too focused on a game. Instead, they will cheer you up and encourage you – whatever it is that you have to say.

Imagine that your dream in life is to play for the National Basketball Association. Now, you’ve never had any serious training, mind you, aside from those moments you spent playing with your dad in the garage when you were a little boy. You tell your wife about the idea and she scoffs at you for being a hopeless dreamer and, in the same breath, declares that you don’t have what it takes to be a professional baller. Well, at Cappers Insight Forum, you can say, “I want to play in NBA, but I need skills…” and you’ll actually find yourself talking to another Cappers Insight (CI) Forum member and having that someone tell you, “I know just how you feel.”

You’ll find yourself in the company of new brothers and sisters who would respect and treat your ideas as sacred as their own. They will give you wonderful insights, provide you with better opportunities, and introduce you to other people within your community. How’s that for getting a job done while staying at home and doing forums?

Imagine a sports haven where people are able to bond with other people who share their inspirations and aspirations in life. A brotherhood will open for you if you’ll just click on your browser and type in

Mouth-Watering Features to Seduce You

This site offers different forums wherein spirited sports players can jot down their own insights and feelings. This would be like having an online diary where you would be free to babble on and say whatever you have in mind. With this, you can have access to ideas and experiences of other ball players. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a retired coach perfect to teach your son, or you might pick up a useful tip or two once you start exploring. More information about the forums would be disclosed near the end of the article.

CI also offers the Calendar option wherein any member would be free to put down dates to remember for other readers. Your ten-year-old is having a soccer game? Why not save it in the Calendar and allow other members of CI to visit your area and cheer for your son? Or if you’re feeling out of touch with the sporting community, you can check out the Calendar to see what events are being held near your area. Maybe a sports clinic is open nearby, or maybe your favorite baseball player is coming! You will have access to an online calendar which will guarantee tempting sports offerings that will fit your every desire.

Another feature to look forward to is the Member’s List. With this, you can see which person is inclined towards the same sport as you are. Now you can spend your time talking with someone who understands the same terms as you do. Imagine if you’re talking to a basketball player who talks about free throws, fouls, and traveling, while you yourself are a devoted soccer player who knows about corners and goal lines. It would be a mess, right? If you can find someone who shares the same passion, the same will, the same love for the game, then it would be perfect. Now you can have more friends to spend that Saturday night with in case you need someone who would understand the beauty of a hotdog sandwich and a hot game.

The Best Bit: Forums with Different Rooms and Different Moods

The forums serve as different rooms wherein you can talk about a specific topic. There is a Welcome to Cappers Insight forum where the aim is to welcome new members. Here, new forum members introduce themselves. Well, it’s a great room really as it would help you get to know other members. And since you are encouraged to list down your hobbies, favorite sport, among others, you will immediately find someone who shares your interests.

Another room in the Welcome to CI forum would be the Forum Rules, where you don’t have to go stumbling in the dark for rules. This would give specific rules and guidelines while you’re saying what’s on your mind to ensure that you can avoid offenses and avoid being blocked.

The next category would be Gambling and Entertainment. There are rooms like Cappers Corner and Poker Room which are dedicated to all kinds of gambling-related subjects. Now you can exchange Poker tips with someone who is an expert on the field! Stock Market room is open for businessmen who want to talk about figures and the stock market and plain business, while the Fantasy Sports Discussion category is for those who play in fantasy leagues.

The best part of the Gambling and Entertainment forum would be the Open Discussion, Polls, and Headlines News rooms. These rooms would allow you to talk about anything and everything under the sun. Polls will give you an opportunity to get inside people’s minds and see what they are thinking, and headline news will keep you posted about the latest information in other areas. Wow! Is that a great deal, or what?

Let’s now get down to the details of the Handicapping category. This forum is dedicated to specific types of sports. The first room would be for NFL, CFL, and Arena Football which every American seems to know about. Feeling the need to know what’s happening with college football? Then select College Football once you enter the site! Another would be the rooms for College Basketball to NBA and WNBA. Who doesn’t love basketball? The great part about CI is that it is not limited to just a particular sport. It can run from NASCAR to other Motor Sports to Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Soccer, etc. Name it; they have it!

Everybody wants gifts, right? Well, with the Contests Forum offered by CI, members will be given opportunities to get priceless items. Imagine yourself owning a ball autographed by your favorite player! Promised prizes are gift certificates, clothing and other cool rewards. The Cappers Insight Contests are available daily, weekly, and monthly. Who knows? Maybe now’s the perfect time to start stocking up on those precious sports memorabilia!

Then there’s the Health and Fitness Forum. Ah, another tempting room. Not only will this section give you better ideas as to what to do with your health, but it will also give you the opportunity to talk to people who wanted to lose weight and actually succeed. Now you can have both motivation and a role model with your battle for your weight.

Lastly, there would be the Hall of Shame Forum wherein you can bash anything you want. This forum is Rated R, so children are not supposed to see them. However, there is still a precaution of what should not be mentioned in posts. You would have to abide by the rules though. All they’re prohibiting are posts that are obscenely gross.

Register Now!

What are you waiting for? This is the opportunity of a lifetime. You can now have access to an online forum where you can talk about sports, meet new people, win prizes, be informed about the latest events in the sporting world – and talk some more about sports. All you would have to do is to type on your browser and let your fingers do the work. Click Register to sign up. This is absolutely free of charge, and you would be asked for only minimal information like your birthday and choice of user name. After that, verification would be sent to your e-mail address, and voila! You can now start surfing and posting on its wonderful forums!

Remember, if someday people talk about sports, would you have something to contribute because you are in the know? Or would you have to simply listen and pretend to know what the person is talking about – all because you missed the chance of joining something that requires absolutely nothing from you, but would give you benefits far more than your mind can imagine?

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