The Off-Season Moves and Draft Picks of the New England Patriots

June 4, 2009


Jason Oconnor asked:

The New England Patriots made some great draft picks and other off-season moves recently. While some of the early New England Patriots changes confused some sports fans, they now look to be putting together a very solid team full of talent. Even though the Patriots lost some good players they made up for it by signing some great new players to the team as well as re-signing some of the strong players from last season.

Of the players leaving the team, the two that stand out the most are Dillon and Sauerbrun. Todd Sauerbrun leaves on bad terms after filing a grievance against the Patriots claiming he should be an unrestricted free agent. He takes his punting skills to the Denver Broncos in a one-year deal. The Patriots can either draft a new punter or have Josh Miller take over the punting duties.

The Pats obtained some new youth and energy in their defense with the pick of Brandon Meriweather from the Miami Hurricanes. Mariweather is a fairly small safety, but is full of energy, is very quick, and always plays hard. He runs the 40 meter dash in less than five seconds and has made over two hundred and fifty tackles in his last thirty-one starts with the Hurricanes. However, Meriweather is not known as such a wonderful person off the field, so hopefully his attitude will not get in the way.

The Patriots also made headlines by signing Randy Moss. Last season the Patriots went all the way to the AFC Championship without a good selection of wide receivers, and QB Tom Brady lamented. Randy Moss is a great fix to that problem along with new receivers Stallworth, Welker, and Washington. Randy Moss has not been performing as well as he could with Oakland because he did not have a good quarterback to work with.

Now with Brady as quarterback there is little doubt that Moss will perform up to expectations. Randy Moss has played in a hundred and thirty eight NFL games and has caught over six hundred passes for over ten thousand yards. And all the Patriots had to trade away to get Moss was a fourth round pick! What a deal.

The Patriots also made some solid moves this off-season that did not make headlines. They resigned the fantastic Junior Seau, as well as Randall Gay and Eric Alexander. New England also picked up some solid players that do not yet have a name for themselves such as Kareem Brock, Clint Oldenburg, Justin Rogers, Mike Richardson, and more.

Last season the Patriots were a great team but lacked the wide receivers to make the best use of Tom Brady. This year they will still have Tom Brady, a great team of wide receivers led by Randy Moss, and an even superior defense with Junior Seau returning and the new Brandon Mariweather. There is little doubt that the Patriots will be a contender for Super Bowl 42 in 2007.

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