The Truth Will Set you Free–even if You’re Oj Simpson

May 22, 2009


Susan Alvis asked:

I’m going to buy “If I did it: Confessions of a Killer” by the Goldman Family. I’m going to read it from cover to cover and probably will do it in one sitting. Yes, I want to know the truth behind the horrific murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson and I believe, this book tells a story of truths.

I’m an avid sports fan. I grew up watching and hearing all about OJ Simpson. Today, my children hear about him too. They listen as we tell stories about his football career and how great he was on the field. Then, they ask questions and when they do, we’re unable to answer them because there isn’t any explanation to offer. Perhaps, now there is at least some kind of excuse.

My belief is that the Goldman family will see a substantial amount of profit from OJ’s book. My hope is that they’ll get every penny they deserve and then some. As for OJ Simpson? The truth is going to set him free, and I believe it was the only reason he wrote this particular book or to be more exact, told his story to an author willing to write the book. Why else would someone come out with such arrogance and write about a murder believed to be committed by the very person telling the story?

If you decide to buy “If I did it: Confessions of a Killer” try to remember who inspired the original manuscript as you read through the book. Try to remember who told the story. Remember that it is real life. Think about the lives destroyed and the glove that supposedly just “didn’t fit”. Think about the men and women who fought to bring about justice and how one attorney, allowed the jury to look at a glove rather than whether or not all the other elements of the case fit.

Today, OJ Simpson is back in the news. Flip on CNN or Fox News and listen. Even now, on a day when the world should be focused on the Goldman book, OJ is looking for the limelight. To remind you once more, the book, after all, was written because of his words to an author willing to help him tell his story. He wants his ten more minutes of fame and he’ll do what it takes to get it.

People, wake up, OJ Simpson was not guilty because there was reasonable doubt. He wasn’t proven guilty because of his name and many claims to fame. Still, even though he walked away an innocent man, he’s probably living in his own private hell.

When you consider buying If I did it: Confessions of a Killer, ask yourself about your own beliefs. You’ve heard the adage that the “truth will set you free” and I for one, believe that it can.

Still, ask yourself a series of questions. When OJ Simpson (or the book’s author) put pen to paper what was the purpose? Why did OJ do it? Why write a harrowing story about the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson? I think there’s a viable answer to each. Perhaps he was indeed looking for retribution. If so, then congratulations OJ and company. Today, is your day of reckoning and may the truth set you free.

Copyright © 2007 Susan Smith Alvis

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