A Basic Lesson – Amateur Boxing

August 25, 2009


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Each father at some time or other during the “growing” years of his sons sees fit to instruct his protégés in the art of self-defense or amateur boxing.

One of the most important things a dad can teach his son is “how to make a proper fist,” in order to avoid future hand injuries. We all know how a painful thumb or finger injury results when a baseball or football strikes the wrong part of the hand.

Working the heavy bag also activates every major muscle group, and they all work together while you are working the bag. It will help you build coordination, timing, balance, power and functional speed.

Start any punching exercise with your basic combination’s of punches. As you increase your anaerobic stamina, your skill will improve, and you can extend your rounds to make them a little longer.

Dehydration Techniques should be abandoned immediately. Purposefully draining your body of precious electrolytes right before a fight, for any reason, is down right dumb. The use of rubber suits, Albolene and other dangerously creative ways to drop weight rapidly are simply playing with fire. Not only do the suits prevent the body from breathing, but Albolene actually makes the skin softer and prone to injury in the ring.

It is surprising how many boys grow to college age without even having been taught how to hit properly. Hence if the father gets no point across to his son other than the proper care of his hands, he has done a good job. A boy who is taught the proper fundamentals at an early age has a distinct advantage over others.

If he chooses to box in high school, college, or in amateur boxing, he has a head start on the beginner. The coach will not have to break any unorthodox or bad boxing habits he has acquired by himself.

Evander Holyfield moved up from cruiserweight to heavyweight by employing a regimented program of weights and nutrition, to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass in only six months. He had less than 3 per cent body fat and was a well-muscled heavyweight champion.

Your son should practice his trusty right with father’s chin as target. Father drops his left to allow the right to come across, and blocks with his own right. See that your son snaps the right straight across with a lot of zip, and that he has his fist closed, chin down, shoulder up. Be sure he does not throw a “roundhouse” right.

Punching a light bag is fun. It is great exercise, and increases speed and coordination. Little boys pick up the knack very quickly after a minimum amount of practice. Fathers also find a punching bag excellent exercise, and unlike most exercises, they enjoy it

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