auto racing – Goodwood Revival 2009 – The First Day of Racing and Ladies Day

October 28, 2009


Racing Perth Motorplex Australia

BMW entered Formula One in 1982 by supplying engines to the Brabham team. The M12 was a 1.5 liter turbo four cylinder racing engine that led to winning the world championship in 1983. BMW pulled out in 1987 and their engine was rebadged under Megatron. One year later, the M12 was not able to be used anymore due to a rule change that did not allow turbo charged engines. BMW returned to Formula One in 2000 with the Williams team. The team was not very successful and they had a falling out in 2005 but BMW bought Sauber and thus the BMW Sauber F1 team formed.

As of right now, BMW, Mercedes, Renalt, Ferrari and Toyota supply engines but BMW is pulling out after the 2009 season and Ferrari does not know if they will continue when their contract is up in 2012. Ferrari has been with the sport of F1 for over 60 consecutive years, you know there is a problem if they are pulling out.

A first for Goodwood Revival this weekend….none other than the Vulcan flew in to demonstrate its formidable presence in the skies. A huge monster with a roar to match its gigantic proportions…I’ve never heard anything like it. It doesn’t instil the same emotion as the Lancaster for me but my goodness what a treat.

And now for one of my favourite races, the Lavant Cup, a 60 minute extravaganza of deep throated Aston Martins, Jaguars, Ferraris, Porsches and Lotus’ with Sir Stirling racing his own OSCA alongside Richard Attwood. Unfortunately Sir Stirling only managed a handful of laps and after entering the pit a couple of times reluctantly retired from the race with car trouble.

Penultimate race was the Glover Trophy followed by the last race of the day, the Fordwater Trophy, which by all accounts was indeed the most exciting race of the day and which was missed by a few when after a tiring full day, they decided to beat the crowds and leave early…I bet they don’t do that again!

I am not a huge fan of Formula One but a lot of great technology comes out of the sport, especially in engine development. What other company makes superior engines to BMW and Ferrari?

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