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July 30, 2009


For many adults, there is the assumption that boxing classes is all sparring or, worse, mindless violence. This is really not an accurate assessment of boxing classes. But, it is understandable that many people would worry about their children being hurt in such a class. Sparring does come with minor (And we do mean the risks are minor and minimal) risks, not all boxing training involves sparring at all. In fact, there are multitudes of boxing workouts that can help develop solid skills in pugilism that do not come with significant contact.

For example, the simple process taught in a shadow boxing classes can do a lot to develop skill and it comes with no risk of injury since there is no contact involved. With shadow boxing, the participant will practice stance, co-ordination, and movement. Often, it is techniques and discipline that increase a participant’s skills. Yes, ring work can be important but since the participant is a young person there can be plenty of opportunity for that when the person gets older. At the beginning, form, technique, and fitness can play the main role in the training.

One way this process can be achieved is through a boxing course that provides a structure to help a student slowly develop his skills. This process allows a participant to get a feel for the important parts of boxing without having to deal with semi-or full contact. The benefits of this approach is clear. First, it develops the techniques needed to get involved in semi-contact training if required and desired. In addition to this, it increases the critical strength and endurance that significantly improve health and wellbeing. Increased levels of all round fitness reduce the main two health conditions in the world: heart attack and strokes. Encouraging a boxer to follow a healthy lifestyle from a young age increases their quality of life significantly. Final, such a process provides the much needed focus that helps the participant get an insight into the steps necessary for skill development.

This focus is achieved by presenting progressive training programs as the participant’s skill increases. Classes are not “pass/fail” as this would take away the enjoyment from the training programs. This testing method is self-defeating. Training programs instead, simply focus on highlighting improvement in skill and achievement. Classes also measure a progression for the participant to follow which allows them to set goals for their achievement. When a participant has a goal to achieve, they can measure progress and focus on areas of improvement. Application of this is possible training.

So, there is no need for adults to worry about the safety of the students when it comes to non-contact boxing classes. These boxing fitness programs have been expertly created to give a great basis for a lifetime progression in the art and science of boxing and health and fitness. Participant can have a great time, get in shape, and develop strong discipline.

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