Boxing Training: Equipment Musts

August 19, 2009


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Proper boxing equipment is a “must” in any boxing training program. A capable, qualified coach would not send a boy on the football field without proper shoulder pads or headgear., and you should follow the same mentality.

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In comparison with most other sports, boxing is inexpensive to conduct, and can be very profitable financially. After the initial outlay – the ring, punching bag, and gloves – additional purchases are minor in nature. Upkeep is incidental. In numerous colleges, boxing receipts are second only to those derived from football. We do not wish to convey the impression that we suggest boxing only because of the profit motive. But we do wish to show that the sport needn’t be conducted at a financial loss to the school.

Rubber mouthpieces are another essential piece of boxing equipment for all boxers. They are inexpensive. You will find the investment a wise one. It is certainly much cheaper than the dental work which may be required when no mouthpiece is used. The mouthpiece will eliminate practically all teeth injuries and mouth lacerations which are caused by the lip coming in contact with an irregular tooth. Many boxers find it advisable to secure a mouthpiece made from an actual impression. This is desirable even though expensive.

On to other equipment, a ring is required on which the padding extends over the edge for added protection. All turn-buckles must be padded and the ropes wrapped with flannel or gauze. The mat should be at least two inches thick, with a tight canvas cover on top. All bouts and meets must be fought in a regulation ring. Remember, accidents are caused only by laxity and carelessness. Use a regulation ring during all practice sessions.

In general, the punching bag stands for the light bag, and a few training bags for heavy punching should also be available. Jumping-ropes are standard equipment in any boxing gymnasium.

Headgear is compulsory boxing equipment for all matches. This headgear is specially designed and is termed “competitive headgear.” It is lighter in weight than the headgear used in training, but affords the same amount of protection to the eyes and ears. It also includes extra padding at the base of the skull as protection for a boxer on the rare occasions when his head hits the canvas as he falls.

It has been definitely ascertained that many injuries incurred in the professional field have not resulted from a blow, but rather from falling to an improperly-padded ring floor. Competitive headgear, with its ample padding is another precaution to avoid possible injuries of this nature.

Every coach should insist that his boys wear proper boxing equipment: headgear, mouthpieces, and protective cups. This must be so at each boxing workout – permit no exceptions. If a mouthpiece slips out, or headgear becomes improperly adjusted, time should be called to replace the mouthpiece or to properly adjust the headgear. To overlook these details is to be remiss in your duty as a coach or supervisor.

Naturally, there is a limit to what protective boxing equipment can do. All rule books, whether for amateur boxing or professional fighting, provide that a doctor be in attendance at ringside. We don’t want to convey the impression that this is necessary because of any dangers inherent in boxing. It is a precautionary measure that is also taken in all properly supervised contact sports contests. Virtually every high school or college conducting a competitive sports program has an M.D. who is designated as the “team physician.”

Call on this man to examine carefully each boxing team candidate before he actively engages in the sport; have him observe the boy at any time you have reason to suspect any injury or illness; and require that each boy undergo examination the day of a match. This is an added precaution which eliminates the possibility of a boy who is sub-par because of illness exposing himself unnecessarily to possible injury.

Boxing Training Tips

All boxing equipment will help eliminate accidents. It is a must for any school beginning a boxing training program.

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