Choose a TKO Heavy Bag for a Great Workout

October 15, 2009


One of the most well-known brands of boxing equipment in the world is TKO. The TKO heavy bag is no exception, offering a superior quality product at a competitive price. These boxing bags hang, are available in different weights, and are constructed from a wide range of materials. A good box bag is key to getting a good boxing workout.

From the beginning TKO has been the innovator of boxing bags and they have been producing them for years. It was them who were the first to offer a high-quality vinyl heavy boxing bag. What this bag gives you is the feel of leather without the added costs or maintenance. Its durability is similar to leather; it will withstand harsh conditions, such as humid workout centers that don’t have air conditioning.

For more extreme conditions, TKO is there to help; opt for their heavy bag that is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. This well-built bag has a waterproofed outer layer. It prevents water from getting into the bag and it can be used outdoors for many years without worrying about damaging the bag. A boxing bag designed for outdoor use is ideal for at-home training, but without the space inside.

TKO has leather and canvas bags available for commercial purposes and training for a competition. These bags are used for specific reasons. With canvas bags, you are encouraged to punch right in the middle because it can hurt your hand (even with gloves) to simply graze the bag’s side. Leather is still the preferred heavy bag choice for people practicing for mixed martial arts or street fighting where gloves will not be used.

As mentioned above, TKO heavy bags come in different weight ranges. Lighter heavy bags weight a mere forty pounds but are perfect for adolescent and smaller adults to train on. For average adults, a sixty five to seventy pound bag is perfect and for heavy weights that are trained strikers, bags of over one hundred fifty pounds are available.

TKO heavy bags come with a wide range of different fillers; this selection is to cater to their customer’s different wants and needs. Most bags are soft and filled with dense fibers; these absorb most of the impact. Other bags available include bags filled with sand, the most dense available bags, as well as hydrobags. TKO hydrobags are filled with water, but don’t worry because they are strong enough to last for years without leaking.

The choice of bag material is subjective. Lots of people like boxing bags filled with stand, but you might feel as if you are hitting a brick wall instead. Due to their ability to absorb most of the impact and their affordable shipping costs, water filled bags have rapidly increased in popularity over the years; you may want to try one.

In short, TKO is not only famous for their boxing bags, but all of their boxing equipment. TKO heavy bags and all other equipment is known for its strength and durability. With a wide range of buying options, you can find the TKO bag that is right for you.

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