Here are the apparent top 20 sports in America!

October 11, 2009


Ok the top 5 are a definite yes, but do you agree with the rest of these?

  1. American Football – This may be the obvious one but its true.
  2. Baseball – One of the longest running sports in America, a revamp of Cricket.
  3. Basketball – A massive sport in America, not to be overlooked, it has earned its place here.
  4. Hockey – It is difficult to get bored watching this, and the Americans love it for that.
  5. Golf – It doesn’t take much to realise where the boom happened, it was Mr Woods.
  6. Wrestling – This is by far one of the most skilled sports there is, even though it is staged.
  7. Tennis – Americans can go to almost any country in the world and win something in this sport.
  8. Skateboarding – This was really brought to life by America.
  9. Surfing – Competitions and challenges have arisen, thanks to the marketing from America.
  10. Ice Skating – This has been a major sport in America, although it is often overlooked.
  11. Boxing – Immense, probably my favourite, but needs a bit more TV time.
  12. Soccer – Slowly getting more and more money and players pumped into it.
  13. Archery – Well when you have the likes of Geena Davis, your guaranteed to get a medal.
  14. Volleyball – Everybody enjoys volleyball, playing and getting involved, or just watching it’s all good.
  15. Cycling – A great sport, America has yet to fully embrace it.
  16. Track and Field – This is the Americans passion at the Olympics, they are by far the best at the Track and Field.
  17. Horse Racing – A great sport, loved by all mainly for betting, but the riders do well to.
  18. Rock Climbing – A great way to enjoy a holiday, out on the rocks, or indoors.
  19. Extreme Sports – The sports in this category have always grasped the nation, not always in a good way.
  20. Auto Racing – This covers all regions, the reason it doesn’t come that high is because many think it is not a sport.

Which of these sports doesn’t deserve to be here? What do you think of the top 5? What a great way to find out – try Las Vegas holidays or New York holidays to really find out

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