Montreal Canadians – The Oldest Hockey Jersey Design

September 1, 2009


Unbelievable Hockey Fight

So you’re into hockey. Whether you’re looking toward a professional career or just enjoy playing a competitive sport with friends, you have to get better at it. Better players enjoy the game more. Of course, striving to be better makes every goal sweeter. Whether you’re serious about wanting to improve your shooting skills or not, here are a few practical tips to get you started.

The Montreal Canadians hockey jersey is one of the oldest hockey styles in the game, if not the oldest. The red, white, and blue color scheme has remained steady throughout the decades and the players who have worn it have worn it with great pride. The Montreal Canadians are perhaps the most beloved team in Canada. If you speak French and live in Canada there is a good chance that you are a Montreal Canadians fan and own some form of Montreal Canadiens jersey.

Hire a coach. While hockey camps give you the chance to improve your shooting skills and hit more hockey goals over a few short weeks, a coach does more than help you polish your game; they’re often your mentor. Especially if you’re looking toward a professional career, it’s always a good thing to begin early. Swimming champ Michael Phelps has a long-running relationship with his coach Bob Bowman. Ace soccer player David Beckham has a long-running relationship with his manager Alex Ferguson. And NHL’s youngster Sidney Crosby has a good one running with his as well.

Teaching or coaching youth hockey can be a daunting task. Kids are not paid professionals and their main reason for playing is because they want to play. The ability to teach a child how to properly play hockey is no different from teaching a child how to be responsible. A coach must have a steady, firm but gentle hand to properly guide his players. A player’s actions are oftentimes a mirror of his coach’s demeanor.

His old Montreal Canadians sweater was tattered and his mother didn’t want him to wear it anymore so she ordered a new one from Eaton’s. The boy was thrilled until that fateful day when the wrong sweater came in the mail and changed Canada’s history forever.

The Canadians’ jersey has become one of those iconic symbols. It represents not only the team but a legacy of fantastic hockey players and rich sports history. It is impossible to talk about the National Hockey League without thinking immediately about the big red C and some of the greatest hockey players the world has ever seen have worn it with pride

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