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November 8, 2009


The latest technology for movie downloads is DivX. DivX is a high definition movie movie file. This type of file is highly compressed without sacrificing any quality. To watch DivX movies you will need to use a web player or portable player that supports. Divx or. Avi files. The most recent DivX software for DivX movies is DivX 7. This software can only be used on Windows operating systems.

A very popular way to download movies online is through peer to peer sharing. One such software that functions through peer to peer sharing is BitTorrent DNA. BitTorrent is a hugely popular online movie download site. How peer to peer sharing works is that the more a movie is downloaded or shared online the easier it is to access that movie. So it is less expensive and faster to download very popular movies. You may have more difficulty finding an independent or not as popular movie.

The movie download soft wares that are out there today allow you to get flicks in under a minute. That will obviously depend on the local internet speeds. This can all be done while you do ten thousand other things.

DivX movie downloads are preferred as they are a highly compressed type of video file. A standard compressed movie will take up about 4. 6 GB of space while a DivX file is only 700 MB.

Also many companies will offer you a free trial period so that you will be able to see for yourself the high quality of the movie downloads available. You may have seen movies from the free sites and noticed that they are not great copies some are even recorded illegally with a small camcorder.

The DivX 7 player can be downloaded for free. You get much more than just a player the DivX 7 includes a DivX community Codec and filters, DivX player, DivX Pro Codec and DivX converter. The codec allows you to burn the DivX movies onto a DVD. The DivX player is very easy to use and has all you need to download and use high definition movies on your computer.

It is possible to download DivX movies from many different websites. However most DivX movie downloads will cost a small fee or you may need a subscription depending on the download site. The DivX player is free but the studios make their movie from the downloading fees. If you are willing to take the time to search online you may even be able to find some DivX downloads for free.

Watching movies online has unfortunately has made many of us lazy. We will no longer go out with our families for that Friday movie at the cinema. This decreases the cinema owners profits and not to mention the experience with our loved ones. The cinema industry eventually crushes.

The basics of DivX movie downloads are very similar to mp3s except they are for movies. A DivX format is a highly compressed video. This way a very large movie is made small and can be easily stored or shared without taking up most of the space on your hard drive. Most standard DVD compression is about 4. 3 gb while DivX compression is 700MB.

You used to be so excited to go to a cinema back in the day. Look at you now. All you do is just press download movie and munch on burgers while you wait. The little exercise and thrill we used to get is being assassinated.

With a compatible DivX movie player you can watch any DivX movie directly from your computer or it is possible to burn a disc and watch it from a DivX compatible DVD player. So watching any movie downloads in DivX format is very easy.

One convenience I love about online movie downloads is the speed at which I can get them. Illegal Movie Downloads Make sure that the file formats are available for you before you start subscribing to any particular site. You don’t want to pay your money only to find you can’t hear the movies well, or they freeze on you all the time.

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