Reasons to Use a Free Standing Heavy Bag

October 11, 2009


As mixed martial arts increased in popularity, so did the use of the free standing heavy bag. When compared to traditional hanging heavy bags, they have a lot of benefits. Even boxing studios have discovered these benefits and only the boxing purists scoff when they see this type of boxing bag at a boxing school.

One of the big benefits this type of bag has over the older hanging boxing bag is the additional striking surface area. This extra striking surface is important for those who want to practice mixed martial arts because they not only punch, but kick and do knee strikes. A quality built and well-designed free standing bag can withstand and holdup well against these varying attacks.

When a person really wants a hanging bag, they may opt for a double mounted hanging bag, but you will be surprised how much the bag still sways. For strength and durability, a free standing heavy bag weighs a lot more. The popular water filled bags can weigh as much as 275 pounds and that weight can increase when sand is used as the filler instead. This extra weight gives you a more stable bag to punch, kick, and strike with your knee.

To counteract the lack of movement, the padding on these bags is designed to cushion the blow quite a bit more than a hanging bag. You can also alter the feel of each bag. For example, fill your bag with stand (as opposed to water) to get a more firm and substantial feel. The individual school may even have a few of each, giving the less experienced strikers a chance to use the water filled and the more advanced students the sand filled to keep it from moving when it is struck.

Another advantage of the standing bag is that it is somewhat portable. A small karate dojo, for instance, can have these lined up on the walls and will only roll them out to the middle of the gym when needed. Although a first choice because of all the benefits, some people opt for a standing bag when they have no wall or ceiling mounting options.

Another advantage of the standing bag is cost. The number of materials needed to produce a free standing heavy bag is lower than hanging bags because it is the user that ultimately fills the bag with water or sand. The amount of labor to build one is dramatically less as well. With hanging boxing bags, most of the labor cost is because the pieces are sewn by hand. There is less sewing and less labor involved in making standing boxing bags.

Finally, you also save money on the cost of shipping. Hanging boxing bags are heavy and usually shipped with their fillings already instead, meaning it costs more to ship. Heavy hanging bags aren’t only expensive to purchase, but some retail stores have delivery limits. This is not an issue with a standing bag.

In short, for most people, a free standing heavy bag is just the better choice. The benefits include the different styles unavailable, varying weights, and multiple mounting options.

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