Stay on Track with Slot Car Racing

July 29, 2009


Slot cars are those model electric cars that run on slotted track that keeps them from flying off. Scalextric are probably the best known manufacturer of slot car racing sets, cars and equipment.

Slot car racing is a safe and fun hobby enjoyed by many people, young and not-so-young. I’m sure that many people can remember the fun and thrills they had as children with their Scalextric sets. You will find that the Scalextric system hasn’t really fundamentally changed much since the 1950s. Early examples of Scalextric slot cars are popular with collectors who will sometimes pay a smal fortune for good quality models.It’s even possible to run Scalextric cars from those early days on modern track without any modification.

Todays Scalextric systems are much more sophisticated with the introduction of the Sport digital systems. The basic original Scalextric system allowed two cars to run alongside one another on dedicated tracks however the new digital technology allows more than one car to run on the same track for cars to change lanes. These new and innovative features provide a whole new level of fun and enjoyment which has helped the hobby to develop considerably in recent years.

Although it was originally a British invention Scalextric now has a huge and enthusiastic following in the United States. Many popular US race meetings are included like the Indycar and NASCAR. One key factor that has helped to develop the popularity of Scalextric is that they actually encourage other manufacturers to produce slot cars and accessories for their systems. These days there are a variety of reputabel slot car manufacturers who produce some great cars suitable for Scalextric.

The ease of expansion is one of the key attributes that has made the Scalextric system enduringly popular. A good starter system from Scalextric will set you back only about £40 ($70). But this simple starter set comes with everything needed for hours of thrilling fun, hurtling around the track at break neck speed.

You will find there are many clubs for slot car enthusiasts where they meet to exchange skills and race one another, often with their own car designs. There are slot car race meetings throughout the country, and around the world, throughout the year. Slot car enthusiasts often become involved in modifying their cars and optimising their motors, wheels and bearings for best performance.

If you are interested in getting into slot car racing I’d recommend starting with a low priced Scalextric Start Race Set and if you enjoy it then find a local slot car club to join. You will meet some very friendly and helpful fellow enthusiasts who will provide you with lots of advice and guidance and they’re likely to challenge you to a race or two.

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