The official top 20 sports in America!

October 22, 2009


Without much doubt, the 5 at the top should definitely be here, but what about the others?

  1. American Football – Good luck getting bored and falling asleep watching this.
  2. Baseball – I believe every American has or will have played Baseball at some point in their life.
  3. Basketball – Most famous in America but played all over the world by almost half a billion people.
  4. Hockey – Just like America, this sport is never boring or monotonous, always something new.
  5. Golf – You can thank Tiger Woods for making this one so popular.
  6. Wrestling – Americans gather in their millions to watch this, but is it a real sport.
  7. Tennis – Well, Venus and Serena kind of say it all really, plus the likes of Roddick.
  8. Skateboarding – America launched this sport from nothing to everything, now being taken up around the world.
  9. Surfing – Although the Australians claim this, America brought this to life.
  10. Ice Skating – A very big American sport, also big in Russia too, these are great competitors.
  11. Boxing – This only really kicks off when there are big international fights.
  12. Soccer – Has only just really started to happen for the Americans, but they are keen to push forward with it.
  13. Archery – Well when you have the likes of Geena Davis, your guaranteed to get a medal.
  14. Volleyball – Now I am not entirely sure who invented Women’s Volleyball but i would like to shake their hand.
  15. Cycling – Has been in the sport world for a while now, and has taken off, but not as much as others.
  16. Track and Field – The Americans are best known at the Olympics for this event.
  17. Horse Racing – This may be a British Sport, but the Americans have taken it to a new level.
  18. Rock Climbing – A sport for all to enjoy, indoors or outdoors, much fun to be had, and in great American scenery.
  19. Extreme Sports – These are the sports you have a high chance of being killed in.
  20. Auto Racing – This has been left till last, because some consider it not to be a sport – however I do.

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