The official top 20 sports in America!

October 11, 2009


Without much doubt, the 5 at the top should definitely be here, but what about the others?

  1. American Football – This is by far the greatest of all the sports and the most viewed.
  2. Baseball – A massive sport, with a world series, although other countries are not invited.
  3. Basketball – Well simply put this is played by well over 300,000,000 people around the world.
  4. Hockey – For starters this isn’t an American sport, it is however a massive sport in America.
  5. Golf – Really let go for everyone, many thanks to Tiger Woods for making Golf even more famous.
  6. Wrestling – A huge sport, many Americans tune in to watch this.
  7. Tennis – Now this may not be as popular as American Football, but it definitely a great sport.
  8. Skateboarding – Definitely one of the fastest growing sports in the world, with the help of America.
  9. Surfing – Competitions and challenges have arisen, thanks to the marketing from America.
  10. Ice Skating – Many famous names have come out of this sport including; Jennifer Kirk – stunning.
  11. Boxing – This only really kicks off when there are big international fights.
  12. Soccer- Although no where near as big as American Football, still a growing sport.
  13. Archery – Well when you have the likes of Geena Davis, your guaranteed to get a medal.
  14. Volleyball – Now I am not entirely sure who invented Women’s Volleyball but i would like to shake their hand.
  15. Cycling – A great sport, America has yet to fully embrace it.
  16. Track and Field – There is no question really that the Americans are best known for these events when it comes to the Olympics.
  17. Horse Racing – This is never going to be a dying sport, as long as we have horses we will be racing them.
  18. Rock Climbing – This is a great sport, and fun for everyone even indoors, Alain Robert has helped things out with this.
  19. Extreme Sports – This is where any sport that has a one hundred percent risk of injury is involved.
  20. Auto Racing – Is very popular, but it doesn’t come high because of the different opinions across America.

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