Understanding of odds on horse racing made accessible for everyone

October 3, 2009


Explanation of horse race betting in clear and simple terms will help you understand the whole scenario, and reduce the risks while placing a bet.  The main aim of horse race betting is to beat the odds and win a pile of money. The person who is responsible for setting the betting odds is called an “oddsmaker”. There are plenty of ways to place a bet – through a sports book, online or physically. One should always bear in mind that a sports book only receives your own play. It is best if you thoroughly examine the odds available before you place your bet.

The different types of bets that can be placed are, “Straight bet/Single/Win bet” which is one of the most common type of bets which allows you to collect your money only if the horse you have chosen has come first, “Place” bets will let you collect your prize money if your horse comes first or second, “Show” bets will allow you to collect if your horse is third, and a “Combination” bet covers two to four horses you have chosen to win in a particular order. Apart from these bets, there are others like Future Bets, Exotic Bets, Jackpot Bets, Daily Double bets, Trifecta/Superfecta etc. the details of which are explained in horse race betting guides.

If you want to know how to outsmart everybody else at the racetrack and pick a winner, you have to learn to bet rationally with your head and not your heart. You can minimize your risks if you stick to bets that are less aggressive. Gambling can be a fine entertainment as well as agitation if you control them attentively. It helps to study the day’s racing information on the program before making a selection and placing your bet. Smart handicappers train themselves to pick winners that pay well. Online betting is possible at various sites in the USA and Europe, along with detailed articles about the horse’s history, training and form.

Before assigning your odds on a specific horse you need to estimate few things. The fitness of the horse should be determined and dates of last/previous races should be examined. The fact whether the horse has run recently or way back in the past should give you a clue as to its fitness levels. If a horse can compete favorably against the particular competition in a race, it has the ability to move up in class against competition that is tougher!

There are plentiful ways in which a horse can improve upon in definite ambit. These are through running styles, breeding, training techniques etc. Before you select your horse and bet on it, It is preferred to screen horse’s past pace and race. If the horse has proved himself and has shown potential to run a particular distance well, then you can consider him and if not, eliminate him. You cannot expect a dead loser to become a potential winner overnight!

Explanation of horse race betting techniques includes knowledge of the horse’s running style, which will determine if he is a front runner, pace setter, stalker, closer or rally type. The front runners will try for the lead whenever possible and have good chances of winning when they get a good clear lead. Those that rally or stalk are also looked on favorably.





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