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October 22, 2009


Coaching Youth Soccer Drills

In youth soccer coaching, building teamwork can be a difficult goal to achieve. If you want to teach youth soccer the right way, them this is a critical factor to consider. Soccer is a team sport and the only way to really make it work is to cultivate a sense of team spirit among the players.

If you have a few talented players who are only interested in making a name for themselves, then that’s all you’re going to have- a few selfish players and nothing else. No surprise that despite the talent, such teams seldom succeed.

Important soccer coaching tip: Team spirit begins to grow when all players understand that they are just a part of the big puzzle – the team. This represents that each kid has his own contribution to the team, and all are important in equal parts. You must praise the all team and not just a few favorite players. Also make sure that you blame everybody when things go wrong and not just an individual mistake. Teach your team to look at mistakes as a tem’s error ans not as a Player X or Y mistake. No one is free to make a mistake. No single player should be blamed- everyone should understand what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.

All players are different and have different personalities. It’s important that you get everybody involved to develop team work. You can do this by developing activities and drills that promote the team spirit and bring everybody together and make your players feel as part of the team. No one can do everything by himself so it’s important that your players understand that.

Make sure you are aware of some people that may have the intention to break your team’s spirit by making other people’s minds against each other. If you get wind of someone trying to breed mistrust or discontent among the team, deal with it openly. Communicate with your players regularly and make it clear to them that they can approach you at any time if they have a problem. Communication goes a long way in building a sense of team spirit.

Let your players create a warrior dance for the team that they can perform before each game to motivate them even more. Having team badges or shirts is another great way to kindle the spirit of belonging among your players. If you see your players off the field wearing their team badge or shirt, you can be sure they have plenty of team spirit and are proud of it.

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