Sportsbook Promotions

World Cup Soccer $50 Free Bet
$50 free bet for on the Player to Score the Last Goal of the World Cup 2010.
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Sunday Night MLB $10 Free Bet
$10 free bet for first player to hit home run on Sunday Night Baseball during the regular season. This wager goes live Saturday night.

MLB Props
Early action props on all games. (Will there be a score in the first inning? Who will be the team to score first?)

OddsMaker Casino Leader Boards
$5,000 Black Jack & Slots Leader Board Tournaments Click Here for more details

Buy Points
Buying Points is limited to football and basketball only. In 1/2 point increments, you can buy from 1/2 a point to a total of 3 points. Buying points can only be applied to a Pointspread wager or to an over/under. You cannot buy points on a moneyline.

For every 1/2 point you buy, your selection will cost you an additional 10 cents.

If Bets for Money Management
An If Win bet is an excellent choice for money management. You wager a fixed amount on one team, if that team wins, then the same amount as your original wager is placed on a different team.

Parlays up to 12 Teams
We offer parlays from 2 to 12 teams, paying up to 1,800 to 1. You can parlay teams from different sports, you can parlay totals and sides and you can even parlay together our huge selection of proposition wagers.

Progressive Parlays – Everyone Wins
We were the first to create Progressive Parlays and now the world has followed. Play an 8 team parlay and if 6, 7, or 8 teams win, you win. Play a 4 team parlay, if 3 or 4 teams win, you win. Even if you dont win all the games in your parlay, you can Still Win!

More Props Equals More Fun
There is quite simply no one else in the World that offers you more proposition and futures wagers. Player Props, Highest Scoring Player, Most Rebounds, Most Assists, and many, many more. Dozens of daily NBA & NCAA Hoops props.